A Handy Checklist for Avoiding A Tire Burst In UAE


Your car’s tires need to be maintained as much as the other parts of the car. Tire maintenance is especially important in hot temperatures as the heat makes the tires more prone to tire bursting. You may risk taking your car for another drive before replacement in winter but don’t do so when the summer arrives.

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Avoid Overloading

Overloading will put a lot of burdens on your car and by extension, your car’s tires. Don’t load your car more than the loading limit that is determined by the manufacturer of the tires. Your tire supplier UAE will probably tell you the loading limit of the tires. Apart from overloading, try distributing the weight evenly around the car. Too much weight on just one side may also cause your tire to burst.

Low Air Pressure

Low air pressure is one of the primary reasons for tire bursting. Low air pressure increases the heat inside the tire which can’t be contained inside the tire. Eventually the tire bursts. You should be extra careful in the summer season as low air pressure in the summer frequently leads to tire bursting. So, while planning a summer road trip, make sure that your tires have an appropriate amount of pressure to avoid any mishaps during the trip.

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Tire Replacement

Your tires will only last as long as they’re supposed to. Doesn’t matter if your tires are high-quality premium tires, they are bound to face wear and tear. Don’t stretch out their life. You must know when you’re supposed to replace them. Look out for worn-out treads, cracks, etc. as a sign of the end of their lifespan so that you can replace them. Recognize when you need to replace them to avoid any accidents or mishaps. Replace them with a new set by visiting Tiresandmore.ae.

Avoid Bumpy Roads

Even though your car’s features enable shock absorption, it, unfortunately, doesn’t extend to your tires. This may lead them to suffer and cause some grave damage to them. A tire can only take so much shock before it shows signs of weakness. Hitting a lot of bumps causes the sidewalls of the tires to wear out. Even with shock absorption, drive slowly on bad roads or avoid them completely.

These were some handy tips to make sure you have a safe summer and a functioning set of tires at all times. Hope they help!