Best Water Heating Technology in Dubai


Advancements in modern technology have allowed for the production of much more energy-conscious products. This wondrous technology extends even to water heaters! Whether your old water heater as given up on you or you simply think it is time to upgrade to a more efficient model, you can find something for your needs at Atlantic Comfort. Our energy-efficient products will not only save you money but also reduce harmful emissions. You can access our affordable range of products on our website by going to Atlantic. What are you waiting for? Get the best water heating technology in Dubai today!

Best Water Heating Technology

Cost Saving

Water heaters account for up to 20% of usage on your monthly energy bill. Unfortunately, a water heater is something that your household cannot live without. While standard water heaters have an 80% thermal efficiency rating, an energy-efficient model has up to 90% or even 95% making them much more energy-conscious. While the initial purchase of your more efficient model will be more expensive you will make up for the cost in your savings.

One Time Investment

Purchasing a water heater is a large investment to make. The average water heater has a life expectancy of between ten to fifteen years, but the energy-efficient models can last up to twenty-five years! While the standard models might be cheaper at the get-go, you will save a lot of energy throughout the lifetime of a more efficient model. It is better to fork out the money today and enjoy savings over the long-term.

High Insulation

There is nothing more frustrating than getting into a cold shower. Energy-efficient models are not just designed to heat water faster but also to maintain the heat for longer. Thanks to the smart central heating design and more advanced insulation, energy-efficient water heaters will retain their heat for longer than their standard counterparts. This also means the likelihood of a cold shower is drastically reduced!

Takes Up Less Space

Energy-efficient water heaters can be quite large. But, luckily, not all the energy-efficient models take up a lot of space in your home. Tankless water heaters do not have a storage tank at all! Instead, the water is heated when you need it, which is why they are referred to as 'demand water heaters'. This design means there is no need to keep water heated which makes it even more energy-efficient than the energy-conscious tank models.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

The great thing about energy-efficient models is that you are not only saving yourself money, but you are also reducing the harmful emissions to the environment. Sustainability has become a priority in most households and the newer water heater units are designed to be environmentally conscious. Solar water heaters, in particular, can save up to 90% in energy consumption. Visit our Atlantic international Dubai Office to know more.