Exercises to Enhance Your Bodybuilding Session


Maybe you have made yourself a promise that you are going to start working out and get your body looking thicker, buffer, better built. Maybe you really want to take it seriously, but you need help figuring out how to get yourself to look exactly how you want. With help from the best girls gyms in Dubai, we have put together a list of bodybuilding exercises that you need to achieve your goals based on your body parts.

Arms & Forearms

A good combination of exercises that center your biceps and triceps while working on the smaller muscle groups in your arm and forearm. For your biceps, dumbbell curls, which also work your brachioradialis, brachialis, pronator teres muscles are your best bet. For your (weighted) parallel bar dips, triceps, which also work your pectoralis muscles and deltoid do great. For your forearm, a combination of dumbbell wrist extension and flexion exercises with a reverse dumbbell curl does magic working all the forearm muscle groups.

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To work your shoulders maximally, a combination of standing barbell lifts, which work your deltoid, trapezius, triceps, pectoralis, and serratus anterior muscles, with other exercises such as seated dumbbell press, lateral raises, front raises and the bent-over reverse fly do wonders.


The best bodybuilding exercises for your chest is still the barbell bench press. It might also be one of the most common workouts you see. Working on your anterior deltoid, pectoralis minor, triceps, Pectoralis major, serratus anterior can be full package exercise.


A lot of people who exercise forget to pay attention to their backs which creates an imbalance while building and a lot of weight transfer is carried by the back, it's only right that its muscles are paid attention while increasing bulk. To make sure that you are not leaving your back you want to take a bent-over barbell row which works the Latissimus dorsi, trapezius, posterior deltoid, rhomboid, teres major, lower back, biceps muscles all at once.

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Thighs and Glutes

For your thighs (quadriceps femoris and hamstrings) and Glutes, a good combination of varied squats and deadlifts do amazing while also working your core muscles alongside. Most of the thigh and Glutes centered workouts end up working your entire body.


To properly work out the calf muscles, your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, you want a combination of the donkey calf raise with weighted seated and standing calf raises.

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