Five Tips to Pick A Good Printing Company


The significance of large format printed products can’t be overemphasized. They are huge and extremely easy to notice.

There are several large format printing companies in Dubai that are not limited to small size printing and operates on a large scale they can make all the difference for your business. Although large format printing machines can handle different print applications, they are mostly made for specific functions. It, therefore, becomes necessary to align your choice to the printer’s ability. 

Choosing the best printer for your work requires knowledge of the various types of machines on the market. This article will highlight five tips to note before choosing a large format printing company.

Identify Your Needs

Before you can decide on the kind of machine that would be suitable for your business, decide on your color needs. Would you need to print in colored or black and white? For fully colored billboards and posters go for a colored printer. If you need to print important documents and building plans a black and white printer is more suitable. A good printing company will have both.

Large Format Printing Companies in Dubai

Check the Performance and Speed

Pay attention to the time it takes the company’s printer to process your files and print. Sometimes the print speed may not be fast enough. If you need to print bulk work lookout for printers that processes files while printing. They are usually faster. Generally, while the print speed of colored printers may vary, the print speed of black and white printers hardly varies. You could also get information on a printer’s speed and performance from its output specs.

Check the Image Resolution

The speed and capability of a printer do not determine its print quality. More often than not as the speed increases the image resolution decreases. To determine a good printer, observe its print quality and how the printer interpreters’ files. Also, note that your media choice influences the quality of your printed work especially when using colored printers.

Large Format Printing Companies in UAE

Ease of Use

You will need to consider how much time and effort is needed to maintain the printer. How long does it take to change its ink or toner? How often does the printer need troubleshooting and resetting during usage? What mode of control do you prefer? button or touch screen mode? All this will help you identify a good large format printer with the best usability features.

The Cost

Finally, once you are able to identify the above features of a large format printer, consider the cost of using the printer. You can compare with other printing companies to know which is more suitable for you. Most large format printing companies will offer you discounts depending on the printer model and type or size of the project you are offering.