How to Fix Your Car Alternator?


The alternator is a vital component of a car. It has a huge impact on the car battery as it keeps it continuously charged and running. When the alternator fails, the battery and the car's electrical system start to act up until they finally stop working, and then we start looking up battery for sale UAE instead of checking the alternator first.

To fix your car alternator, you need to have some basic tools such as spanners and a socket set. You also need to have a brush and regulator replacement kit for the exact model of your alternator. This is just like having a jack and a spare tire. Five Steps for Fixing Your Car Alternator.

Disconnect the Car Battery and Remove the Alternator

Safety first! You're dealing with the car's electrical system so ensure you disconnect the battery before touching the alternator. To speed up the process, take pictures of the current alternator position and the orientation of the wire socket. Unclip the wire harness at the back of the alternator and then unbolt the alternator. Usually, there are two bolts holding the alternator in place.

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Remove the Cover on The Alternator

After removing the alternator, you need to remove its cover. There should be a plastic cover on the rear of the alternator. All you need to do is unscrew or unbolt it to get the cover off.

Remove the Old Regulator and Brushes

Now that the cover is removed, you should be able to see the wiring and brushes clearly. At this point, you can take more pictures to ensure you don't have any trouble refitting the wiring. When you're done, carefully remove the brushes and regulator.

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Fit the New Kit

Install the regulator first, then take out the user manual from the repair kit. Take note of the wiring instructions and follow them accordingly. You can also refer to the pictures taken earlier to install the new brushes, reconnect the wiring with the right orientation, and screw the bolts back in. Be careful not to over tighten the bolts because of the brittle plastic cover. You can double-check and compare the new arrangement with the pictures you took and also instructions from the kit.

Refit the Alternator

Carefully put the alternator back and tighten the fan belt. After this, reconnect the battery and start the car. The alternator should be working well and charging your car battery. You can warm the car engine for a little while before getting back on the road.