How to Find the Best Sushi Bar in Dubai?


As Dubai becomes a must-visit destination among tourists from all corners of the world, restaurants are catching up by offering a panoply of food offerings from different cultures. As more and more Japanese entrepreneurs set up sushi bars and cafes across the city, the options for the sushi lover become endless. Today, there are countless top-of-the-line sushi bars like Sushi offering the delicate flavors of authentic sushi.

This article shows you how you can find the nearest sushi bar in Dubai—one that is close to your place of stay while also offering a variety of sushi options. Read through these amazing tips to make your sushi experience in Dubai a truly memorable one.

Check with The Hotel Help Desk

The hotel concierge or help desk is your first source of information. Every hotel or apartment has a help desk where you can get information about the entertainment options in Dubai. Not only do you get updated knowledge about the dining options around the city, but the concierge knows the places that are popular with tourists. You can tell them your preferred time to visit and budget. They will easily tell you about all the good sushi restaurants in the vicinity so that you still have time to experience other wonders of the city.

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Use A Food App

With new restaurants opening up every day in Dubai, it is hard for even the most experienced hotel staff to know about the newest spots. Thankfully, there are scores of food and dining apps to help you find the best restaurants by cuisine in your area. These apps are popular in Dubai among tourists and residents alike. Whether you want to reserve a sushi table for the evening or feel a sudden sushi craving while shopping, the food app is your best guide. Simply enter a search term like ‘sushi’ and you’ll find a detailed mapping of the sushi bars in your area.

Scan the Downtown Area

No visit to Dubai is complete without a trip to the downtown area. This is where the famous Burj Khalifa, shopping malls and other tourist attractions are located. Conveniently, most of the popular restaurants in Dubai are also housed in this area. You’ll find many Japanese and Pan-Asian restaurants in this area including some good hotels. So, on your next visit to the downtown, simply keep a watch out for some sushi restaurants and you’ll surely find one you like. It is best to go for one that offers authentic sushi instead of a fancy tourist trap.

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Check with Your Tour Guide

If you’re taking a guided tour across Dubai, then your guide can a very useful resource. They are constantly on the move so they’re pretty well informed about the newest restaurants in the city. You can ask them to recommend an authentic sushi restaurant or, even better, make it part of the tour. But be careful and do not accept any recommendations blindly. Some guides earn commissions for recommending local restaurants to visitors, so their opinions can be biased. To avoid wasting your money, be sure to do some online research before visiting any sushi café.

Track Local Influencers

Because Dubai is so popular among tourists, there is no dearth of social media influencers covering the city. Be it Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you’ll find influencers exploring all kinds of restaurants, shopping malls and tourist attractions on video. You can easily determine their credibility by comparing the number of subscribers and views on their channels. Follow any of these influencers and see which Dubai sushi bars they recommend highly. This will give you an almost fly on the wall experience of the food, ambience and service quality of the establishment and make it easier for you to make a choice.

Most importantly, make the most of your sushi experience in Dubai by going for authentic tastes. Asian cuisine has truly come of age in Dubai and you can expect as authentic an experience as some of the best sushi restaurants in Japan or any other part of the world.