Popular Breakfast Dishes in UAE


The Middle East is famous for many things, but one thing that cannot be overlooked is their food items. The Middle East has thousands of years of history and thus has a long-standing tradition of different exotic cuisines that you will only find in the Arabian countries. Whether you are an Emirati, from Dubai, or anywhere else from the world, you should definitely taste the authentic Emirati breakfast items that UAE offers. The delicacies of UAE are made with local ingredients that give it a distinct taste not found anywhere else. Let Your Arabian Nights end on a magical note and begin your Arabian morning with some delicious Arabian breakfast items and Arabian Desserts to appease your heart. Here is a list of items you can try when you are in Dubai.

Labneh Tartine

Labneh Tartine

This particular breakfast item uses ingredients that are fresh and truly Arabian. The Labneh Tartine is made with freshly baked ciabatta bread with labneh. You can start your day with fresh, healthy vegetables like cucumber, cherry tomato, mint, radish, olives, baby Rocca and olive oil that is used to top the Labneh Tartine.

Feta Tartine

This is another breakfast item that is native to the UAE. It is made with freshly baked ciabatta bread with feta cheese. This breakfast item also uses fresh vegetables like cucumber, mint, spring onion, baby Rocca and olive oil that not only enhances the unique flavor but is also healthy for your body.

Mozzarella Pesto Tartine

Cheese lovers unite! This is one Arabian delicacy that retains its traditional elements while making it more ‘global’ with the addition of mozzarella cheese. The Mozzarella Pesto Tartine uses freshly bakes ciabatta bread with baby mozzarella and uses sun dried tomato pesto spread, tomato, basil and baby Rocca to give a distinct Arabian flavor.

Chocolate cookies

Chocolate Cookies

No matter how many times you have had chocolate cookies, you have to try the local version of the same in Dubai. These chocolate biscuits use high quality chocolates and garnish the cookies with little Choco chips that will blow your mind.

Date Pudding

The middle is famous for its sweet and juicy date fruits. If you are in Dubai, finish your breakfast with some Date Pudding. The Arabian Date pudding uses cake made from date and is complimented with sweet caramel sauce and served with vanilla ice cream.

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