Yacht Rental for Fishing Dubai

An activity that has existed since primitive time that is not only healthy but a good pastime, fishing is one of the most popular sporting activities in Dubai. It has become even more relevant due to the stress people have nowadays, and thus it is a good way out for people. A long patient day fishing, with your companion might be what you need to keep your mind free of stress. Even if you just like fishing and want to enjoy it in Dubai, then you’ve have come to the right place. From our website you can find yachts according to your needs which will come with a professional crew and fishing equipment. With such premium services you are going to enjoy a lot for sure. Thus, without any hesitation feel free to contact our team here at Ask Yachts and make enjoy your vacations to the fullest with the soothing Dubai sea.

Fishing Dubai

Why Choose Us for Sport Fishing

Friendly Crew

Our professional crew is eager to receive and serve you the luxuries. With knowledge about fishing spots and other technicalities, experts as well as beginners are going to have a good time at fishing.

High-Quality Fishing Gear

The fishing equipment available at your disposal is amongst the most modern and up-to date one. With the help of such equipment, like navigator and deep-sea gear, you are for sure going to catch a lot of fish.

Spot Cooking

You can literally cook your catch right there by the sea and enjoy the delicious meat in our beautifully furnished kitchens. Celebrate your victory with your friends with a sizzling grilled fish from our electric grill.

Safe and Secure

Apart from all the luxuries, our yachts also have the most advanced safety measures. Also, our ships go through regular maintenance checks so that you can enjoy the sea breezes care free.

Fishing UAE

Useful Tips for Fishing on a Luxury Yacht

As much as fishing sounds fun and an easy pass time, people who know fishing might disagree on that ‘easy’ part. Like many other sports, fishing has its technicalities which, if addressed and understood, might work in your favor. To start with the basics, a good knot is what you might want to learn. We know how bad it feels when you lose a fish just because of a bad knot. So, you should put a little practice into your knotting skills or ask a friend who knows. Another important tip is to use the appropriate kind of bait for the condition you are fishing. For example, a red bait in Dubai works well as fishes perceive it as a bleeding prey. Moreover, you should also fish in an appropriate weather and avoid extremely windy weathers. However, wind can also work in your favor but be sure to not risk yourself. Water temperature also effects the number of fishes you catch, and you should always try to throw slower moving baits in cooler waters and vice versa.