Five Types of Yachts Available to Rent in Dubai


Dubai the gold city has so many things in one. If you will love to sail through breathtaking waters, have romantic dinners in ocean view apartments, go on speedboat rides, then Dubai is the best place to go on your boat cruise. There are several yacht rental companies in Dubai you can choose from. You don’t necessarily need to know how to ride a yacht, with excellent crew members at your service you can be sure of a worthwhile time. However, if you decide to rent a yacht dubai price you will need to know the types of yachts you can find here.

Day Cruiser

This yacht is suitable to explore Dubai in its fullness. If you plan on hosting private parties with friends and colleges or you desire a peaceful cruise with your lover you can rent this type of yacht. It guarantees comfort and comes in various sizes.



This type of yacht is suitable for family friendly vacations. If you’re considering going on a vacation with your kids while exploring Dubai this will be a good choice. It comes with amenities like water toys, roller coaster rides, games and movies. It is also suitable for hosting weddings and parties.

Fishing Explorer

As the name implies this yacht is good for fishing activities. If you love fishing or you want to learn how to fish, the fishing explorer will be a good choice to rent. This type of yacht is built with a smart technology that lets you find fishes easily. It is also a good choice for people who want to enjoy their alone time.

Luxury Super Yacht

This type of yacht is perfect for organizing and hosting events or parties. It comes with amenities like a large entertainment area, large rooms and a loud sound system. If you plan on hosting any kind of party you may prefer this yacht. It also comes in different sizes so you can choose considering the number of people you are hosting.



This type of yacht is a good choice for those that don’t have experience in sailing and want to learn. The catamaran is more balanced on water and hardly sinks. It is comfortable for hosting parties. You can fish in it and enjoy your time alone. It provides facilities that will make your occasion worthwhile. It allows you to view amazing parts of Dubai whenever you want.

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