Yacht Rental Dubai

Dubai is known to have some of the finest beaches in the world. The soothing hum of the sea, the beautiful and exotic Palm island, has made it the number one destination for beach lovers all over the world. The perfect start, or end for that matter, to any day would be to spend some time at the sea- to let it all go. For this experience to be taken to another level a Yacht needs to be availed. You might be thinking of Yachts as big impractical boats that have nothing to do with us at individual levels, but you are wrong. Whether you want to throw a small party for you close ones or are looking to spend time with your friends, yachts can do the trick for you. You might be thinking that such boats must be expensive and out of one’s reach but guess what? You are wrong again. On our website you can find amazing boats at cheap prices to fulfill your fantasies.

Our Yacht Rental Inventory

How to Charter a Yacht from Ask Yachts

Booking one of our charter yachts is easier than you think and will only take a few minutes. I would recommend picking up your phone or tablet now, scrolling through our website and choosing the yacht according to your need and specifications. Customers can choose to make the payment in person or dot it online once you have selected the yacht.

Our Yacht Charter Inclusions

  • Pick and drop service from anywhere in Dubai
  • Red carpet welcome
  • A captain and support staff depending on the number of guests
  • Fishing equipment and SONAR
  • Safety Equipment
  • Yacht Slippers and Towels
  • Yacht Grill and Kitchen
  • Complementary beverages- tea, coffee and soft drinks
  • Full insurance of everyone on board
  • Excellent speakers and entertainment services.
Yacht Rental

Why Choose to Hire a Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Why Not? There are numerous reasons why should hire a luxury yacht in Dubai. First and foremost is to get some personal time out. Yes, this criterion is of utmost importance since most people don’t get the time to concentrate on themselves in this busy world. So, a trip to the middle of the sea with your family and thoughts might be what you need to keep going. Apart from that it is also a good way of spending some quality time with your loved ones and dedicating all your energy towards them.

Secondly, why not enjoy the beautiful Dubai coastline with all its picturesque attractions- the Palm island, back drop of Burj Khalifa- and just explore the sea. With a yacht for cruising and experiencing Dubai what else does one need. It makes one feel entitled and what reason does one need to enjoy luxury. For everyone needs sometime to fulfill his fantasies and doing something different yet amazing. Take my word and you won’t regret hiring a luxury yacht from us as we provide the best services at the most competitive prices.