Boat Rental Abu Dhabi

A city famous for its skyscrapers and amazing malls, Abu Dhabi has become a premier tourist hub in the past decade. People don’t come here just for shopping, but they also come to see what it feels like to live in such a city. One different way of experiencing Abu Dhabi would be to see how it looks like from the sea. Even to enjoy the beautiful Abu Dhabi sea is a good enough excuse to book a yacht and go for sky gazing on a blissful evening. The sea experience you would be able to get from a yacht would be altogether different and worth spending your money. Not only this, you can book a yacht to throw a party for your friends or have a romantic night out with the cool breeze blowing. If you, too, are in Abu Dhabi and looking for spending some quality time then hire a luxury boat from Ask Yacht and set out sail.

Boat Rental Abu Dhabi

Why Choose Us?

For an experience that most people go for rarely, one wants to make sure that it is worth remembering. Hence you should opt for trusted and reliable, luxury yacht service provider, that is Ask Yachts. We’ve created for ourselves a niche market due to our range of superior yachts and services. Once you try our services you would get to know what it feels like to be treated as a royalty, and we promise to make your experience a memorable one. Apart from a variety of yachts which cater to different needs and events, you are also offered with great entertainment services.

Rental Boat Abu Dhabi

Our services include DJs, chefs and other support staff for keeping you and your guests entertained. Our company also personally keeps the boats in good shape so that you don’t face any issues. Our staff is more than eager to welcome you onboard and give you a red carpet greeting. You can also avail our pick and drop services to and from the yacht. Once you get on board, you will also be served with complementary beverages like coffee, tea and soft drinks. Even if you feel like cooking yourself, you can make yourself at ease in our beautifully furnished kitchens. So, I assure you that by choosing us you are making a great decision which you won’t regret.

Hire a Party Boat in Abu Dhabi

A beautiful city, with an even more beautiful coastline, Abu Dhabi is one of the finest places to hire a luxury yacht. With such a beautiful sea one doesn’t need a really need reasons to hire a party yacht rather than to go on sky gazing. The ride of a party boat - an intimate experience where one can fully observe the never-ending skyline while breathing in fresh breeze - cannot be traded for anything. Moreover, you can munch on your favorite cuisines as you lay beneath the star-studded sky with your friends or loved ones.