Industries That Benefit from Microsoft Business Services


In today’s data driven world, technology can be harnessed to provide valuable insights. Your Microsoft partner UAE can help you carry out research and analysis in a systematic manner by streamlining the data automatically to make it more intelligible. Incorporating cognitive knowledge makes it easier to predict human behavior and develop user-friendly software solutions for customers and employees. It also enhances all of the company’s activities such as sales, marketing, and payroll among others. Companies operating in UAE in the retail, pharmacy, construction and real estate industries truly stand to benefit. There is a wide scope for applying enterprise software in a commercial hub like Dubai.

Benefits for Retail

Software solutions today enable the personalization of the entire shopping experience customized to match each individual customers preferences. By understanding customer behavior sales and marketing efforts can be fine-tuned to maximize the possibilities of sales. This has a positive impact on ROI and also makes it possible to accurately measure the performance of sales and marketing strategies or tactics. Running customer loyalty programs, SMS and email surveys becomes much easier through technology which can be used to increase customer engagement online.

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Benefits for Real Estate

The real estate industry involves different procedures to be followed to complete a single transaction. Technology can help simplify the entire gamut of operations which are spread across sales, leads, rental, marketing and facility management. It becomes easier to engage with customers, handle enquiries and carry out follow ups. Software solutions that provide real time data and interactive functionality aids in updating property information, streamline sales processes. It can be customized to match the regional real estate market and fine-tuned to comply with regulatory requirements.

Benefits for Construction Industry

A construction project is quite complex and can be lengthy. The entire project management activity can be automated via technology processes which makes it easier to regulate. Software can provide end to end solutions to cover each and every aspect of the project providing analytical insights. Decisions can be easily arrived at by studying the reports and dashboards that are automatically generated and updated. Timesheets helps ascertain whether project tasks are being accomplished in the appropriate manner and enables taking corrective action in time to prevent unnecessary delays and inflating project costs.

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Benefits for The Pharmacy Industry

Health insurance has proven to be a big boon in ensuring that everyone gets the best possible healthcare treatment. However, managing insurance claims and disbursals is quite a complicated process. Technology has been optimally used to streamline the entire process to ensure a smooth workflow across the entire process. It has eliminated the need for cash payments or submission of receipts through prescriptions that can be processed electronically. It can also be used to provide insurance agreements and integrate with local authorities.

Cross Industry Functionality

A lot of the general management functions are pretty much standardized across all industries. These function generally involve reviewing the functions of various departments and verticals in the company to find ways to improve them and make the company function better. A majority of these tasks are data driven and require analysis which can be automated to create dashboards which provide meaningful insights. Such tasks are industry agnostic and these solutions can be universally applied. Even customer engagement/relationship solutions are useful in all industries.